Integrating Crowd Sourced Cannabis from Tumblr

How do you get pictures of over 9,000 cannabis strains? You could start a very long and expensive journey of buying and documenting thousands of products. Or you can get the community pitch in their pot (pics). When it came time to fill up the Kushy database with a myriad of dank images, we looked… Continue Reading

The Start of the Future

We're big fans of fast, responsive apps. There's nothing more discouraging than slugging around a website, waiting for each page to chug into place. Things should be reactive to our actions, and feel fairly seamless. The opposite of clunky. Here at Kushy, we've done our best to develop a website… Continue Reading

Kushy Blog is Alive!

After much deliberation over picking a cloud-based service like Medium or Tumblr, or even a Git-powered JAM-stack with Jekyll or GatsbyJS, we finally settled on a blog framework for Kushy: KirbyCMS. Don't get me wrong. We'll still post on Medium and Tumblr. But we'll do the thing that brands like… Continue Reading