The Future of the Kushy API

Kushy was founded with a mission to provide a scalable API for the cannabis industry. So far, our API has been only read-only, with only a few endpoints for our major content areas (shops, products, etc). We haven't actually needed to use the API in any applications, beyond minor showcases of it's GET potential. Now that's all going to change. Over the past few months we've gotten a few feature requests from…Continue reading


Keeping track of legal cannabis is one hell of a job. That's why many states that legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis license a 3rd party seed to sale tracking solution to handle the sticky task. These solutions provide businesses a place to input their activity (plant growth, transfers, sales) so the state can monitor and ensure compliance with all regulations and restrictions. METRC is one of these seed…Continue reading

Integrating Crowd Sourced Cannabis from Tumblr

How do you get pictures of over 9,000 cannabis strains? You could start a very long and expensive journey of buying and documenting thousands of products. Or you can get the community pitch in their pot (pics). When it came time to fill up the Kushy database with a myriad of dank images, we looked to WeedPornDaily, an online cannabis publication and community. Users of WPD can submit photos to the website through a…Continue reading